Introducing TreVista Antioch

Assisted Living & Memory Care by Agemark

Agemark Senior Living is the new owner of TreVista Antioch in Antioch, CA. Known throughout the country for creating warm, welcoming communities, vibrant, engaging lifestyles and innovative programming, Agemark is a family-owned and operated organization that believes people heal, grow and thrive when they feel like they are part of a larger loving family at their residence. This belief is at the heart of Agemark’s approach to senior care and it’s why Agemark has been one of the premier and trusted senior living provider since 1987.  

TreVista Antioch will offer assisted living and memory care lifestyles featuring a personalized, resident-centric approach that will help residents flourish. At TreVista Antioch, we make it our mission to discover what really matters to our residents. We find out the things they thought they would never be able to do – and we’ll make them happen.

Just because a person needs support and assistance doesn’t mean they can’t live a full, connected and vibrant life. At TreVista Antioch each day is filled with joy and meaning.

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A New Experience Awaits.

We believe the key to health and happiness is to engage with the outside community – and we love the great outdoors. So at TreVista Antioch, our residents will be out, about and on the road as much as possible! From local attractions to shopping excursions, to nature walks to dining out, to attending local Little League games, life at TreVista Antioch means being busy and on the go!

On our beautiful, 10-acre campus, you’ll get what we mean by family feel. You’ll see residents engaging with one another. Families sharing dinner together – grandchildren included. You’ll see bowling on the lawn, budding artists in our studio, baking in our kitchen … and smiles throughout our community.

At Agemark, we don’t think it’s the beauty of the building that counts – it’s the programming offered and the staff hired that makes all the difference. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t enhance the beauty of the community as well so we’re starting a multimillion renovation project that will truly establish TreVista Antioch as the area’s premier senior living community in the Bay area.

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An exclusive approach to wellness – and to life.

LifeCycles is Agemark’s exclusive wellness program that will impact every part of daily life at TreVista Antioch. It embodies the Agemark mission, philosophy and core values and provides a framework for helping seniors live as fully as possible within the four dimensions of wellness: spiritual, social, physical and intellectual.

LifeCycles stems from our core belief that seniors should be connected to the outside community, not separated from it. At Agemark, we don’t believe it’s the size or the beauty of the living space that enhances life, it’s the quality of the experiences offered within.

Built on a curriculum of the experiences we all have in common, LifeCycles transcends boundaries, challenges stereotypes, and creates meaningful connections between people of all ages. TreVista Antioch will have a 52-week curriculum of suggested themes, ideas and events that can be personalized to create opportunities for residents.

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