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The TreVista Blog is dedicated to providing caregivers and families with tips and information that will help them enrich the lives of loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, as well as those who need support and services to remain living in their current homes.

This is also the place to find out about all the goings-on at TreVista – including progress on our current renovation project!

Why Your Loved One with Memory Loss Refuses to Visit the Doctor

When a senior you are caring for has memory loss, it can be difficult for them to do the everyday things they used to. Whether this includes simple tasks such as cooking and bathing or getting out of the house and going to semi-familiar places, it can be frustrating...

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Caregiving Glossary of Terms for Senior Care

When entering the world of caregiving, people usually struggle at first to cope with the changes, maneuvering their new role, understanding the needs of the senior they are caring for and settling into a routine. Everything about caregiving may be overwhelming at...

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5 Warning Signs It May Be Time for Memory Care

Have you noticed a change in your loved one recently? Have they begun to forget things they’d usually remember, such as favorite recipes, important dates or what time or day it is? Do you notice them coming home later from outings or that it seems like they are...

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Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Memory Care Community

When you or a loved one begin your search for a memory care community, you may be bombarded with opinions on what you should look for, what community is best and why you should or shouldn’t choose a certain type of community. But which opinions are valid? Who should...

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7 Things to Look for in Assisted Living Activities

When choosing an assisted living community, it’s clear how important it is to pick a community that has everything you will need when it comes to care, delicious dining options, opportunities for engagement and privacy and, of course, the lifestyle you’ve been waiting...

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When Your Loved One With Memory Loss Refuses Medication

There are many challenges that come along with caring for a loved one with memory loss. Whether you are dealing with the early  or later stages of memory loss, the symptoms can be troubling. From wandering and sundowning to forgetting familiar activities and lessening...

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Why Location Matters When Moving Into Senior Living

Whether you or your loved one are looking into moving to a senior living community, it’s important to consider a number of things like what care options they offer, what programs they provide, how good the food is and how much it costs. Something that many seniors and...

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